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Individualized eczema treatment in Westmoreland County.

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Individualized eczema treatment in Westmoreland County.


What is Eczema?

Do you have red, inflamed, and itchy patches of skin? These may be symptoms of eczema, a chronic inflammatory skin condition that affects the skin’s barrier, making it more susceptible to irritation, infections, and dryness. 

Eczema, also commonly referred to as atopic dermatitis, is a widespread skin condition that affects millions in the United States. In fact, according to the latest data, it is estimated that over 31 million people have eczema in the U.S., which is around 10% of the population. 

With eczema being so common, our board-certified dermatologists have years of experience helping patients treat and manage the condition. If you think you have eczema or need a professional diagnosis, contact our dermatology practice in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, and schedule a consultation with one of our providers.

Woman scratching eczema on her arm

Eczema FAQs

If you have eczema and want to learn more about this common skin condition, read through our helpful FAQs section below. Our board-certified dermatologists explain what eczema looks and feels like, where it can show up on the body, and how we treat eczema at Dermatology Clinics of Westmoreland County.

While the exact cause of eczema is still unknown, it is believed to be caused by both hereditary and environmental factors. 

Research shows that eczema is more common among people with an overactive immune system (though it is not an autoimmune disorder itself). When their immune system overreacts to an allergen, it triggers inflammation, triggering the formation of dry, itchy patches of skin. 

It is also thought that eczema could be caused by a lack of filaggrin, a protein that protects the outer layer of skin. Without enough of this protein your skin is more prone to dryness and infection.

Not everyone with eczema has a family history with it but having one or more parents who suffer from eczema does increase your likelihood of developing it.

Eczema can present differently for each person but the most common eczema symptom is irritated skin that can be:

  • Itchy
  • Dry
  • Sensitive
  • Discolored
  • Rough and scaly
  • Oozing, crusting, and bleeding
  • Swollen

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact our board-certified dermatologists in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. We can help you find relief with personalized eczema treatment.

Eczema is not contagious, so it does not spread from person to person. It can, however, spread into larger patches on your own body.

Because dry and cracked skin is prone to infection, scratching can spread bacteria and infect the surrounding skin, leading to further inflammation.

Eczema can appear anywhere on your body but it is most commonly found on skin that stretches, such as the inside of knees and elbows, back of the hands, wrists, neck, and face.

Some cases developed in early childhood do go away on their own, but for most people, eczema is a chronic condition. 

Personalized eczema treatment at Dermatology Clinics of Westmoreland County can help reduce the frequency of flare-ups and soothe irritation, providing you with much-needed relief.

Eczema treatments vary widely depending on the severity and frequency of your flare-ups, as well as the type of eczema you have. At Dermatology Clinics of Westmoreland County we focus on individualized treatment plans that include one or a combination of the following:

  • Antihistamines
  • Immune-suppressants
  • Antibiotics
  • Steroid creams
  • Moisturizers
  • Lifestyle changes

Reach out to us at (724) 733-7544 or schedule an appointment online to get more information about our dermatologist-recommended eczema treatment in Murrysville, Pennsylvania

Generally, eczema treatment at Dermatology Clinics of Westmoreland County is covered by insurance. However, since insurance coverage varies, we recommend you consult with your insurance provider before scheduling an appointment to see if this form of treatment is included in your health plan.


Eczema Photos

Not sure what eczema looks like? Here are some example photos of atopic dermatitis. If your symptoms look similar to these photos contact our dermatologists in Murrysville, PA, for diagnosis and treatment options.

Man Scratching A Severe Case Of Eczema On His Hand
Woman Scratching Eczema On Her Arm
Man With Eczema On His Abdomen
Woman Showing Eczema Behind Her Ear.

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At the Dermatology Clinic of Westmoreland County, we understand that eczema can be an irritating and troublesome condition to deal with. Our board-certified dermatologists are highly experienced in caring and treating eczema with the latest treatment methods and can help alleviate your symptoms for long-term relief. 

Schedule your eczema treatment in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, by calling (724) 733-7544 or requesting an appointment online.

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